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Polo & Equestrian Club

Polo & Equestrian Club

Villa a Sesta Polo & Equestrian Club, internationally known as VAS is located in the heart of Tuscany. VAS is the most prestigious Polo club in Italy and one of the most important in the world. The Polo contributes to making Villa A Sesta a crossroads of cultures and personalities from the five continents who come together to share a show with a unique charm. Two teams, eight players, forty horses, one of the oldest but at the same time modern disciplines in the world. Polo is called the sport of kings, but it is the sport of knights. Villa A Sesta is the heart of Tuscany, a medieval village, surrounded by vineyards, woods, fields, the gaze is lost in the limitless vegetation. VAS is connected to the world but far from it as if through a time gate.

Relais La Martina

Restaurant and Relais

The Restaurant and Relais of Villa A Sesta Polo & Equestrian Club can be visited freely. The two structures are located in the center of the Club and offer food, wine experiences and hospitality of the highest quality. The interiors of the restaurant and the rooms of the Relais of Villa a Sesta Polo & Equestrian Club represent the typical Tuscan hospitality characterized by an updated, sober and elegant rustic style.

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Piazza del Popolo 1
53019 Villa a Sesta – Castelnuovo (SI)
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